Available in wood, steel, and stainless steel dumbwaiters, this unit powers up and down a robust 50 to 300 lbs net load. A roll top gate and shelf are standard on the wood car version (CRT). Metal cars offer steel shelves and a bi-parting gate. Safety is assured with standard slack cable monitoring device, car safeties, top final limit switches, and UL® /CUL® certified controllers.

The Cable-Waiter is a residential dumbwaiter that excels at transporting everything from delicate crystal to laundry and groceries. This versatile performer is also right at home in light-duty non-residential use. It can be just right for small offices and medical clinics for record and supply movement. Custom car sizes (metal cars only) allow Idaho Custom Lifts & Elevators to build a dumbwaiter to meet your specific needs for form and function.